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We help financial institutions build and manage their market data programs. A comprehensive program around vendor management and administration focuses on keeping an accurate and current inventory of market data services, users, and costs; on achieving tangible cost savings and avoidances, and; on ensuring there is no audit risk or data compliance exposure. Download our client use case below to see how S4 Market Data achieved tangible cost savings and efficiency gains for StoneX.

From Discovery To Market Data Management Best Practices

Vendor Management & Sourcing

Demand Management & Needs Analysis

Contracts & Inventory Administration

Operational & Process Efficiencies

Our onboarding with StoneX, as is with most clients, was a two phased approach that captured their current state of vendor/services spend, and in turn position our operating framework of market data management best practices enabling us to enact tangible cost savings/avoidances and operational process improvements and efficiency gains.

Our S4 Operating Framework is the culmination of our years of experience and market data management best practices around vendor management, procurement, and administration. Using this framework over a three-year period we were able to enact over $2MM in cost savings/avoidances and have improved their source-to-contract and procure-to-pay processes which has provided efficiency gains across their spend management practices.

Download the client use case and see how S4 Market Data achieved tangible cost savings and efficiency gains for StoneX!

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