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The New Normal - Remote Working

Published on
February 10, 2021
remote work
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Breaking the Barriers  

The debate about remote working has been going on for many years and with the current Covid virus it has become more relevant. Back in 2013 the debate about remote working was making headlines with Michael Bloomberg saying he's always thought working from home is 'one of the dumber ideas I've ever heard' and Yahoo's CEO Marissa Mayer's opposition to her staff working from home. Maybe this all came around a bit quicker than Richard Branson envisaged when he stepped into the debate and said in 30 years’ time people are going to wonder why offices ever existed

How times have changed and how quickly remote working has evolved.

S4’s Best Practices – Remote Working

Our company started in 2017 as a remote outsourcing model. Over the years we have evolved to leveraging systems and staff globally to create efficiencies and value for our clients. Using remote workers from different countries around the world allows us to leverage the right skill sets into positions without having to limit our search to individual locations.

Our infrastructure, backed by the Microsoft Azure Cloud, enables us to remain secure and productive across various platforms of deliverables management, collaboration, and internal and external communications with staff and clients. This all gives us the ability to deliver results effectively and provide tangible value for our clients whether it is in savings/avoidances or process efficiency gains.  

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