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The Benchmark Review 

Published on
December 20, 2021
Benchmark Review
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What is a Market Data Benchmark Review? 

In our benchmark review we aim to capture and analyze business spend, document and record internal workflows and compare these results with standards we view lead the industry. The review is broken down into down into 4 sections

Application Data and Usage - A comprehensive review of your applications, the data they use reviewing the risk and exposure making sure that you are compliant with the applicable license terms with each exchange and vendor fees and agreements.

Terminal/Exchange Usage - Analysis and review of your terminals making sure that they are all correctly licensed, exchanges being fully utilized

Core Subscriptions - Review of all your core subscriptions, reviewing the contracts and licenses making sure that you are getting best value for your subscriptions vs market knowledge and providing alternative solutions where appropriate.

Operational Processes - A comprehensive review of internal workflows and contrasting the individual processes with industry standards.

The Benefits of a Market Data Benchmark Review.

Our benchmark review will help you ensure that you are paying fair prices, assess and determine your Datafeed and exchange reporting risk, and review your sourcing and procurement processes to ensure its in accordance to industry best practices. We will help to identify opportunities for cost savings, and make sure that your market data management program is fully compliant with a process for reviewing and continually evaluating data usage, contracts/licensing, and operational workflows.

About S4 Market Data

S4 Market Data has over 30+ years of market data administration and vendor management experience. Based in Miami, they help financial institutions with data management, costs, and compliance. For more information, visit